Herkimer Diamond Quartz and Pink Tourmaline Bracelet, Sterling Silver

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Herkimer "diamonds" are actually exquisite quartz crystals that are naturally double-terminated and frequently eye-clean. They sparkle like crazy and have a high-end look. They are sandwiched among lovely pink tourmaline. This bracelet fits most wrists - it can be worn from 6.25" - 8.25." It has a gemstone accent at the end of the extender for a finished look.


About bracelet materials and construction:

The gemstone and/or sterling silver beads are strung on a high-quality sterling silver beading wire (“19 strands of micro-spun, marine-quality wire of a specially formulated metal alloy woven together, plated with sterling silver and coated in clear nylon”) which is hypoallergenic and is impervious to water exposure. The nylon coating protects from tarnish.

All components besides the gemstones are sterling silver, including extender, crimp tubes and covers, as well as the wire guardians, which protect the loops at the ends of the bracelet from wear and tear as the clasp and extender chain move against the wire. The hook clasp is also sterling silver and is hand-forged.