Dendritic Opal and Spinel Textured Fringe Necklace, Sterling Silver

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*This piece was one of my first and as such, it is a bit rustic. While still very beautiful, I no longer feel it is representative of my workmanship and therefore I’ve greatly reduced the price from the original $118. Accordingly, sale will be final. 


I’m a big fan of dendritic opal – the high contrast and fern-like arrangement of the inclusions make each stone beautiful and unique! This stone has been set on a backplate that I textured with dot impressions, complementing the pattern in the stone. Beneath the stone I added a fringe of glittering black spinel. Spinel always seems to be so sparkly! There are more spinels on the chain – the total chain length of this necklace is 20.25”. The closure is a handmade hook clasp. This necklace is sterling silver and the pendant is 1.25” tall including fringe, and 1 and 7/16” wide. 


*Piece is pictured on a mini bust - the bust is not life size.

About the stones:

“Dendritic” refers to the fern-like inclusions in this variety of opal. They are manganese, iron, or another metallic oxide and they create unique branch-like patterns within the stone. These gems may also be called “moss opal.” In the healing crystal community, it is known as “merlinite.” Most come from Australia.

Spinel is often thought of as black but also comes in blue, purple, red, orange, and pink. There are famous Spinel gems that have made a name for themselves in history. This includes the “Timur Ruby” in the Crown Jewels, weighing over 350 carats, and the “Black Prince’s Ruby,” which is displayed in the Tower of London and was said to have been given to Edward, Prince of Wales in 1367 after being owned by a succession of Moorish and Spanish kings. Spinel is a birthstone for August.