Picasso Stone Crowned Pendant, Sterling Silver

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I was thrilled to come across this beautiful Picasso stone. I knew right away I wanted to pair it with a beaded chain and set out to find Picasso stone beads, which was a bit of a task because most of the ones I found didn’t reflect the gorgeous colors in the stone. Luckily I finally found some excellent ones! The focal stone is set carefully in a simple setting with graduated silver balls “crowning” the stone. The balls are made by me from scrap – they are recycled silver. The bezel is lightly textured and the piece has a rope border, and a rope bail. The chain is adjustable from 18-20” and another bead decorates the end of the extender chain. The hook clasp is handmade. This is such a beautiful piece to add some interest to any outfit. *Please note: this stone has a very slight natural fracture within the yellow/orange field of the stone, which can be seen in the photos. It will not affect the integrity of the pendant so long as the pendant is cared for and nothing strikes the stone.


*Pendant is pictured on a mini-bust. Bust is not life size.

About the stone:

Named after painter Pablo Picasso, Picasso Stone is also known as Picasso Jasper. Information about this particular stone, which features beautiful patterning and colors, is somewhat elusive. It is actually a metamorphic limestone - dolomite (marble), not jasper after all. Thus, the more correct name for it is Picasso Stone, although most people continue to use the misnomer Jasper. It is mined in the state of Utah, United States.