Sugilite with Manganese Ring, Size 6, Sterling Silver

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This stone features a stripe of delightful purple sugilite in a matrix with metallic manganese. The striped pattern is very unique for a cabochon of this material, but is a testament to the sedimentary origin of this rock. Such a bold stone calls for a simple setting, so it is encircled with a bead wire and otherwise left to hold its own. This ring is sterling silver, oxidized and finished to bring out highlights.


It is a size 6, with a comfortable split shank band. You can find out your ring size at your local jeweler - please be sure you know your size as I cannot accept returns due to sizing errors. 


Notes about the minerals:

Sugilite is a fairly rare mineral. Many mispronounce the name - it is named for Ken-ichi Sugi, who discovered it, and therefore it is pronounced with a hard G, like in “green.” The purple variety comes primarily from South Africa.

Manganese is a metallic steel-gray stone. It is named for the region of Magnesia in Greece. Biologically, it is a needed trace mineral that supports brain and nervous system health.