Black Obsidian Lunar Ring, Size 8, Sterling Silver

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This ring features a beautiful obsidian. Obsidian is a type of naturally occurring volcanic glass. It is not truly a mineral, since it isn’t crystalline. Evidence of human use of obsidian dates back to 700,000 BC! It has long been used as a tool, such as a cutting instrument, because it can fracture into pieces with sharp edges. Aztec priests used obsidian mirrors to conjure visions. This is a special material with a lot of history!

This piece of smooth obsidian is jet black and sits between two moon-shaped embellishments. The face of this ring is 1 and 3/16” tall and 7/16” wide. This ring is oxidized sterling silver, given a matte finish, and is a size 8 with a split shank. 

You can find out your ring size at your local jeweler - please be sure you know your size as I cannot accept returns due to sizing errors.