Scapolite Threader Earrings, Sterling Silver

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Scapolite is one of the lesser known gemstones. The name refers to a group of minerals, rather than an individual mineral. These are aluminosilicate minerals with very similar compositions, structures, and properties. Some specimens display a cat’s eye effect - a silky chatoyancy. Because gem-quality scapolite is fairly rare, it is not often seen in commonly available jewelry, rather it is more of a collector’s stone.

Elisabeth Allerton threader earrings are a best-seller! Effortless and chic, but each with its own personality, they are great for dressing up or down. Collect various styles and colors so you’ll always have the perfect earrings for any occasion! The v-shaped ear wires are always hand formed and hammered for strength.

These scapolite beads are a gorgeous grayish plum color. Upon close inspection, they have a light chatoyant effect - they look shimmery and “silky.” They are a beautiful, versatile neutral. This pair of threaders is sterling silver and is 1 and 5/8” in total length.