Kingman Turquoise and Oregon Sunstone Earrings, Sterling Silver

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The Kingman turquoise mine in Arizona, United States, is one of the oldest turquoise mines, and was mined by ancient Native American tribes for over one thousand years. It produces both blue and green turquoise and is known for its high quality. These stones are a lovely mix of green and blue with brown matrix.


The turquoise is complemented by dreamy Oregon sunstone. Sunstone is a plagioclase feldspar, like rainbow moonstone and labradorite. It can have beautiful schiller, or a phenomenon of shifting shimmer, and is known for a soft peach color. This differs from sunstone from other locales, which tends to be more burnt umber to orange with more pronounced hues. These stones are excellent quality and color, and have subtle schiller.


These gems are paired with sterling silver. The ear wires are hand forged. The total length, including the ear wires, is 1-7/8.”