White Moonstone and Imperial Topaz Earrings, 14kt Gold Fill

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White moonstone is a beautiful, milky-white stone that displays adularescence – a shifting shimmering effect characteristic of the stone. Like rainbow moonstone, it is a feldspar, but it is an orthoclase feldspar while rainbow moonstone is plagioclase.


Imperial topaz is the most rare color of topaz – it is generally considered to be orange to pink in hue. The name “topaz” comes from the Greek name for an island in the Red Sea, which actually never produced topaz, but rather peridot – which was confused with topaz.


These earrings are 14kt gold-filled. The tone of the metal really helps the stones shine! The earrings are 2-5/16” long, including the handmade ear wires.

*Please note that the Brazilian Imperial topaz beads have natural inclusions. These are not defects and they do not affect the integrity of the stone.



What does gold-filled mean?

Gold-filled components start with a base metal core and have a (usually 14kt) real gold coating, bonded to the core with heat and pressure. The component must be at least 5% gold by weight. This is NOT the same as gold plating. Unlike plated gold, gold-filled items are likely to last a lifetime and the gold will not wear off.