about elisabeth allerton

Elisabeth Allerton Jewelry is owned and operated by just one woman – Elisabeth Dignan, middle name Allerton (me!). I go by the nickname “Lisa.” I started Elisabeth Allerton Jewelry several years after starting my first business, Elisabeth Designs (est. 2008), a small Etsy shop through which I was able to grow a following and develop my talent and expertise in wire work. I took a course on Jewelry Design and Repair to further my skills and learn a bit of metalsmithing. Eventually Elisabeth Designs felt outgrown, so it was retired and Elisabeth Allerton was born in 2012 – featuring more intricate and unique designs made with higher quality gems. Some of my signature styles began to emerge with the birth of this new shop. Because of my obsession with gemstones, I also took courses from the Gemological Institute of America, or the GIA – the organization that sets industry standards. These courses were invaluable, as I learned to accurately and ethically represent stones, and to truly appreciate the beauty of those that are both natural and unique.
In 2013 I had to set jewelry-making aside to focus on personal goals such as college, marriage, and eventually the birth of my one and only child. By the summer of 2018, I was ready to jump back into jewelry – with the goal of going full time. I decided to branch out into the art form of metalsmithing, reviving some old beginner skills, and set out to learn new ones. Now offering intricate as well as simple but unique wire designs, along with fine metalsmithed jewelry (under my line Sherwood Metals), Elisabeth Allerton has come into its’ own and presents pieces to adorn women of all styles. Choose dainty wire pieces for a subtle statement, or a larger smithed piece for a bolder statement. All pieces are perfect for the empowered woman who loves something a little out of the ordinary – they showcase high-quality unique stones, set in precious metals, and are sure to start a conversation!
Jewelry designers: I have published a couple tutorials, along with some other designers, in the book “Bewitching Bead and Wire Jewelry,” which can be found on Amazon by clicking the title.