Apatite and Moss Kyanite Asymmetrical Earrings, Sterling Silver

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I received these mismatched apatite nuggets and just knew I had to make a pair of asymmetrical earrings with them. I hand-forged tiny hoops and gave them texture for sparkle, and added clusters of itty-bitty apatite and moss kyanite rondelle beads. The little beads are mounted on hand-forged headpins. These earrings are what I would call a “subtle statement piece.” Subtle enough that they are wearable for every day, but unique and elegant enough to make a statement – maybe with an updo that will really allow the stones and design to shine!


These are sterling and fine (0.999) silver. They are 1-7/8” long, including the hand forged ear wires.


The name “apatite” comes from the Greek apatein, which means deceiving – because it is often mistaken for other minerals. The bones and teeth of most animals, including humans, are made of calcium phosphate, which is the same material as apatite. Some specimens are fluorescent – they light up orange under certain lighting conditions. There are three types of apatite, and most apatite is fluorapatite. It has been found in meteorites. Apatite is generally untreated, but some blues may be enhanced with heat treatment.


Moss kyanite is a variety of kyanite (most often kyanite is a silvery blue) that is teal in hue and generally has dark inclusions that dance within the gem.