Chrysocolla Nugget Earrings, Sterling Silver

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Elegance and quirkiness join forces in these unique earrings! Mismatched chrysocolla nuggets are mounted on handmade ear wires. The wires are then meticulously wrapped, adding a graceful quality to the earrings. They are sterling silver and they are 1 7/8” long.


***There were two pairs of these earrings made, you will receive one of the two pairs pictured in the listing.


About the stones:              

Chrysocolla gets its cyan/blue/green color from copper – it contains the copper hydroxide mineral speriniite. Otherwise, its’ structure has been questioned, although sometimes it grows with quartz or contains chalcedony. Chrysocolla can rate anywhere from 2-7 on the Mohs scale – a huge range, due to varying silica content. It is often confused for turquoise due to its’ color.