Kingman and Campo Frio Turquoise Cluster Earrings, Sterling Silver

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Turquoise is one of the stones that has cemented its' position as truly timeless. It's hard not to love the aqua, to teal, to robin's egg blue, and even green hues. The focals in these earrings are Kingman turquoise, from the Kingman mine in Mohave County, Arizona. This is one of the oldest producing turquoise mines in America, discovered by Native Americans over a millennia ago. It is the last commercially producing mine in America. It is often a vibrant, "electric" blue. These pieces of Kingman turquoise are beautifully cut and faceted and have a weighty look (without weighing down your ears!).

The smaller turquoise beads, hanging in a cluster, are smooth pebbles of Campo Frio turquoise. They come from the Campo Frio mine in Sonora, Mexico. It is found in green to blue hues, with caramel brown or golden veining. This turquoise is highly prized. The beads used in these earrings are entirely natural - not composite, and undyed.

These earrings are made with sterling silver, and all components, including headpins, textured circles, and ear wires are handmade. They are great for adding some bright color to any look, and because of the turquoise they have an especially bohemian or Southwestern vibe. They hang 1.5" in total length, including the ear wire - so they are perfect for even a casual look.