Landscape Mookaite Earrings, Sterling Silver

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Buckle up, because this is a fascinating mineral(oid)! Marketed as “Mookaite Landscape Jasper,” these stones are not jasper, nor is “Mookaite” an official term. “Mookaite” comes from the locality of origin, Mooka Station, Carnarvon Shire, Australia. This material is silicified radiolarite, also called Porcellanite. Radiolarite is composed of sedimentary deposits made up of the skeletons of marine protozoans, and it is high in silica. It physically resembles porcelain. This mineraloid can be found in a variety of colors, determined by the composition of the sedimentary layers.


The radiolarite in these earrings is a lovely gradient of mauves. These stones are cut into beveled bars, and the ear wires are custom made to fit the stones. This is a one-of-a-kind pair of stones – there will be no others just like them. These earrings are 2.5” in total length, including the handmade ear wires.