Lapis Lazuli Leaf Iris Earrings, Sterling Silver

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Carved lapis lazuli leaves look wonderful in the simple Iris earring design! These unique stones are a beautiful shade of blue, speckled with pyrite inclusions. This pair of earrings is made with sterling silver. All components are handcrafted, and the "horseshoe" component is gently hammered for sparkle. These earrings are 1 and 13/16" inches long, including the ear wire. The Iris earring design is an Elisabeth Allerton bestseller - it is elegant and versatile. Great for everyday, or for gifting!


Lapis lazuli, sometimes called lapiz, is not a single mineral, but is rather made up of blue lazurite, white calcite, and metallic bronze pyrite. Crushed lapis was used as ultramarine paint during the Renaissance – Van Gogh’s famous “Starry Night” was done with this crushed lapis paint. Commonly, lapis is dyed to improve the color, or waxed or oiled to camouflage fissures and cracks. These are industry accepted treatments.