Larimar Mini Threader Earrings, Sterling Silver

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Elisabeth Allerton threader earrings are a best-seller! Effortless and chic, but each with its own personality, they are great for dressing up or down. Collect various styles and colors so you’ll always have the perfect earrings for any occasion! The v-shaped ear wires are always hand formed and hammered for strength.

Larimar has been taking off in popularity, with good reason. It is a truly unique gem, a rare variety of pectolite, a silicate mineral. It is said that it was initially discovered in 1916, but the permit for mining was denied and the stone forgotten about. It was rediscovered in 1976, at which time it was given the name “larimar,” after Larissa (the daughter of Miguel Medez, one of the discoverers), and the Spanish word for “sea,” mar. To this day, larimar is only found in one mine, in one region of the Dominican Republic. That can make obtaining larmiar outside of the Caribbean challenging and quite costly – but always worth it! Larimar is not treated in any way.


These mini threaders are made with high quality larimar and sterling silver. They are 1 and 1/8" in total length.