Moss Quartz Fan Necklace, 14kt Gold Fill

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While some people scoff at inclusions in a stone, I cherish them. Nothing gives more character and interest to a stone than a good set of inclusions. The “moss” inclusions (which are mineral and NOT actually organic) in this quartz make the quartz look like it has a universe of its’ own within. This stone has a nice earthy feel, yet the fan cut gives it a simple elegance. In playing off that elegance, I decided this stone should be set in 14kt gold-filled metals. It has a handmade hook and eye clasp. The chain is 18” and the stone is 7/16” wide and 3/8” tall.

About the stone:

MOSS AGATE and MOSS QUARTZ describe a quartz-variety mineral with moss-like inclusions. It tends to be called agate when the matrix is opaque or semitranslucent, and quartz when the matrix is transparent colorless. Moss agate is not “true” agate, since it isn’t banded, but it is called so because it contains multiple colors. Green hornblende inclusions give the mossy appearance in moss agate. Despite its name, moss agate/quartz does not contain organic material. It is usually formed in weathered volcanic rocks.

What does gold-filled mean? Gold-filled components start with a base metal core and have a (usually 14kt) real gold coating, bonded to the core with heat and pressure. The component must be at least 5% gold by weight. This is NOT the same as gold plating. Unlike plated gold, gold-filled items are likely to last a lifetime and the gold will not wear off.