Natural Chalcedony Butterfly Silhouette Earrings, Sterling Silver

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My silhouette pieces are inspired by elements from nature. The elements are then brought to life by hand-fabrication in my studio, through careful and intentional piercing (sawing), texturing, finishing, and in some cases, the addition of further embellishments. They are made with handmade ear wires, and in the case of some stones, handmade headpins. Gems are added as a final accent.


These butterfly earrings feature delightful, natural blue chalcedony. Chalcedony is a microcrystalline quartz that has a beautiful characteristic glow. The way the light seems to radiate from within them is glorious, and the soft blue color of these stones is completely natural as they are undyed. This color is often referred to as “holy” chalcedony, and is highly desired.  


These are sterling silver. They have been given a patina and a matte finish to bring out the texture. The total length of these is 1.75” including the ear wires.