Phosphosiderite and Amethyst Earrings, Sterling Silver

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These earrings feature gorgeous lilac phosphosiderite rounds, topped with gemmy amethyst.

Phosphosiderite is an underrated and relatively unknown stone, named for its’ composition – it is made up of phosphorous and iron (“sideros”). It is said to assist spiritual connections and bring equilibrium. It often takes on a lovely lilac color and may have veins of yellow.

Amethyst is the birthstone for February. It is purple-hued quartz. The stones in these earrings are exquisite examples of both minerals and make a wonderful combination! The earrings consist of a hoop with decorative lines, topped by a crescent-moon-shaped stamped detail. 

All components in these earrings were handcrafted. They are sterling silver, which has been given a dark patina and then polished to leave the recessed areas dark, bringing out the detail. The earrings are 2 and 3/16" long in total length.