Pyrite Rustic Feather Earrings, Sterling Silver

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These earrings feature rustic natural pyrite nuggets, suspended from hand-forged feathers. They are sterling silver, which has been oxidized to black and then polished to bring out the texture and details of the feathers. The headpins the pyrite are mounted on, as well as the ear wires, are also hand-forged. These earrings have beautiful movement to them! They are 2 and 5/8" long.

Pyrite, also known as “Fool’s Gold,” has long been mistaken for real gold. It is, in reality, quite different, although the two are often found together. Long ago Native Americans would polish pyrite and use it as mirrors. The name comes from the Greek word “pyr,” meaning “fire,” because it could be swiped against a rock to create a spark. It is not treated in any way.