Rainbow Moonstone Iris Earrings, Sterling Silver

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Rainbow moonstone is a seemingly magical stone with a white, semi-translucent body color. When light hits at the right angle, it flashes color, typically blue. These earrings feature rainbow moonstone with great flash. The stones hang from handmade components, made from sterling silver and oxidized to darken the tone of the metal and bring out the moonstone. The earrings are 1 and 5/8” long including the ear wires.


“Rainbow moonstone” is a different mineral than the stone traditionally called simply “moonstone” or “orthoclase moonstone.” Conventional moonstone has a milky glow to it, sometimes with a cat’s eye effect, while rainbow moonstone displays flashes of colored light, called “flash,” “labradorescence,” or “schiller.” This is the result of the light bouncing off a twinning surface – where two layers of mineral meet. Rainbow moonstone is a plagioclase feldspar and is technically a variety of labradorite, which displays a similar light phenomenon. It is not treated.