Red Tiger's Eye and Grandidierite Earrings, Sterling Silver

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Tiger’s Eye is a variety of quartz, often chatoyant, due to the intergrowth of quartz crystals and amphibole fibers. It has such a lovely shifting phenomenon when it moves! Tough typically gold, these Tiger’s Eye briolettes are a stunning red color – a color that is the result of gentle heating. This pair is untreated, so the heat may have come from brush/forest fire, or even a lightening strike. The rust-colored stones are complemented by tiny grandidierites. Grandidierite is a rare mineral, found in shades of blue to green. The more iron they contain, the more blue they appear.


The stones in these earrings are truly special, perfect for anyone who appreciates the beauty Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. The earrings are made with sterling silver, and the ear wires and head pins are handmade. The total length, from top of ear wire to bottom of briolette, is 2-7/16.”