Rock Crystal Quartz Threader Earrings, 14kt Rose Gold Fill

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Elisabeth Allerton threader earrings are a best-seller! Effortless and chic, but each with its own personality, they are great for dressing up or down. Collect various styles and colors so you’ll always have the perfect earrings for any occasion! The v-shaped ear wires are always hand formed and hammered for strength.

These threaders are made with rock crystal - clear natural quartz - and they are 14kt rose gold-filled. They are 2" long.

You can learn more about the stones, as well as their common treatments, in my blog posts.


What does gold-filled mean?

Gold-filled components start with a base metal core and have a (usually 14kt) real gold coating, bonded to the core with heat and pressure. The component must be at least 5% gold by weight. This is NOT the same as gold plating. Unlike plated gold, gold-filled items are likely to last a lifetime and the gold will not wear off.