Sodalite Geometric Dangle Earrings, Sterling Silver

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Believe it or not, the design of these post earrings was inspired by the jewelry of a comic book character. Sometimes we find inspiration in the last-expected place! They feature beautiful dark blue sodalite with a subtle rust-colored streak right down the middle. Beneath the stone, a textured triangle sways and sparkles.

Sodalite is typically a royal blue mineral with white veining. It is named for its sodium (“soda”) content. High quality sodalite is used as a gemstone. It may be confused with lapis lazuli as the two are similar, but unlike lapis, sodalite does not have pyrite inclusions. If significant pyrite is present, the specimen is not considered to be sodalite. Most sodalite will fluoresce orange under UV light! It may be dyed.

The stones are 11/16" wide. The earrings are 1 and 13/16" long in total, from the top of the stone to bottom of the triangle. 


These earrings are made with fine and sterling silver.