Labradorite Leaf Necklace with Lapis Lazuli, Sterling Silver

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The optical phenomenon of flashing colors within labradorite is called "labradorescence." Lore tells us that people once believed the stone fell from the skies of Aurora Borealis! Some believe that it is a Stone of Magic and it can awaken one's awareness of inner spirit.

Spectrolite is what we call labradorite that displays excellent range of color and vivid flash. Technically it must come from Finland to be truly "Spectrolite," but we can say a stone has spectrolite-quality labradorescence even if it comes from Madagascar, the other known location that produces labradorite of this quality. The origins of this stone are unknown, but as you can see in the photos, and which is more prominent in person, this labradorite leaf displays green, orange, blue, and purple one one side. The other side displays blue, green, and a touch of orange. It is truly a special and rare stone!

The chain is accented with three tiny lapis lazuli rounds, meant to echo the blue hues in the spectrolite leaf. This necklace is sterling silver. At the end of the extender chain is a dainty rainbow moonstone with blue flash. Rainbow moonstone is the same variety of the same mineral as labradorite - plagioclase feldspar. 

Dimensions: The leaf pendant is 3/4" tall. The chain is 17.25" long with an additional 2" extender. 

Try layering this piece with a simple shorter or longer necklace!